Conleth Hill

Conleth Hill
YearTitleCharacterRelease Date
2018Dave Allen at PeaceJohn O'Mahony2018-04-02
2017Game of Thrones: Conquest & RebellionVarys (voice)2017-12-12
2017National Theatre Live: Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?George2017-05-18
2016The Truth CommissionerJohnny Rafferty2016-02-26
2015A Patch of FogSandy Duffy2015-09-11
2015Two DownHarry Montague2015-01-15
2014That Day We SangFrank2014-12-26
2014Victoria Wood - That Musical We Made2014-12-26
2014Shooting for SocratesJackie Fullerton2014-07-11
2012Salmon Fishing in the YemenBernard Sugden2012-03-09
2011National Theatre Live: The Cherry OrchardLopakhin2011-06-30
2011The ShorePaddy2011-02-10
2010Perrier’s BountyRuss2010-05-22
2009National Theatre Live: All's Well That Ends WellParolles2009-10-01
2009Whatever WorksLeo Brockman2009-06-19
2007The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Love's Sweet SongIrish Tenor2007-10-23
2002Goodbye, Mr. ChipsMax Staefel2002-01-01
1970Official SecretsRoger Alton