Frank Albertson

Frank Albertson
YearTitleCharacterRelease Date
1963Johnny CoolBill Blakely1963-10-01
1963Bye Bye BirdieMayor1963-04-04
1962Don't Knock the TwistHerbert Walcott1962-04-13
1961Man-TrapPaul Snavely1961-09-20
1960PsychoTom Cassidy1960-09-08
1958The Last HurrahJack Mangan1958-10-24
1957The Enemy BelowLt. J.G. Crain1957-12-25
1957NightfallDr. Edward Gurston1957-05-13
1956The Man Who Knew Too MuchWorker at the Taxidermist's (uncredited)1956-06-01
1953Girl on the RunHank1953-12-15
1948Shed No TearsHutton - Police Detective1948-06-09
1947The HuckstersMax Herman1947-08-27
1947Killer DillWilliam T. Allen1947-08-02
1947It's a Wonderful LifeSam Wainwright1947-01-07
1946They Made Me a KillerPatrolman Al Wilson1946-05-03
1946Gay BladesFrankie Dowell1946-01-25
1945How DOooo You DoTom Brandon1945-12-24
1945Arson SquadTom Mitchell1945-09-11
1945I Love a SoldierLittle Soldier1945-07-12
1944And the Angels SingOliver1944-04-25
1944Rosie the RiveterCharlie Doran1944-04-08
1943O, My Darling Clementine'Dapper' Dan Franklin1943-12-31
1943Mystery BroadcastMichael Jerome1943-11-23
1943Here Comes ElmerJoe Maxwell1943-11-15
1943Keep 'em SluggingFrank1943-03-01
1943Silent WitnessBruce L. Strong - Attorney1943-01-15
1942Underground AgentJohnny Davis1942-12-03
1942City of Silent MenGil Davis1942-10-12
1942Junior G-Men of the AirJerry Markham1942-06-30
1942Shepherd of the OzarksLieutenant James J. 'Jimmy' Maloney, Jr.1942-03-26
1942Man From HeadquartersLarry Doyle1942-01-23
1941Burma ConvoyMike Weldon1941-10-16
1941Citadel of CrimeJim Rogers1941-07-23
1941Father Steps OutJimmy Dugan1941-07-19
1941Man Made MonsterMark Adams1941-03-28
1941Ellery Queen's Penthouse MysterySanders1941-03-24
1940Behind the NewsJeff Flavin1940-12-20
1940When the Daltons RodeEmmett Dalton1940-08-23
1940Dr. Christian Meets the WomenBill Ferris1940-08-05
1940FramedHenry T. 'Hank' Parker1940-02-23
1939Rhumba Rhythm at the Hollywood La CongaHimself1939-09-02
1939Bachelor MotherFreddie Miller1939-06-30
1938The Shining HourBenny Collins1938-11-18
1938Spring MadnessHat1938-11-11
1938Room ServiceLeo Davis1938-09-30
1938Fugitives for a NightMatt Ryan1938-09-23
1938Mother Carey's ChickensTom Hamilton Jr.1938-07-29
1938The Magician's DaughterBob Wilson1938-07-16
1938Hold That KissSteve Evans1938-05-13
1937Navy Blue and GoldWeeks1937-11-19
1936The Farmer in the DellDavy Davenport1936-03-27
1935Ah, Wilderness!Arthur Miller1935-12-06
1935Kind LadyPeter Santard1935-12-06
1935Personal Maid's SecretKent Fletcher1935-10-26
1935Waterfront LadyRonny Hillyer aka Bill1935-10-04
1935Alice AdamsWalter Adams1935-08-23
1935Doubting ThomasJimmy Brown1935-07-10
1935Enter MadameJohn Fitzgerald1935-01-04
1934Tripping Through the TropicsJack1934-07-27
1934Hollywood HoodlumDaniel Patrick Ryan1934-06-20
1934The Life of Vergie WintersRanny Truesdale1934-06-14
1934The Last GentlemanAllan Blaine, Augusta's adopted son1934-04-27
1934Love DetectivesBob1934-02-28
1933King for a NightDick Morris1933-12-09
1933Rainbow Over BroadwayDon Hayes1933-12-01
1933Ever in My HeartSam Archer1933-10-28
1933Midshipman JackRussell H. Burns1933-09-22
1933Ann Carver's ProfessionJim Thompson1933-06-09
1932The Lost SpecialTom Hood1932-12-06
1931Way Back HomeDavid Clark1931-11-13
1931The BratStephen Forester1931-09-19
1931Traveling HusbandsBarry Greene1931-08-15
1931Big Business GirlJohnny Saunders1931-06-12
1931A Connecticut YankeeEmile le Poulet / Clarence1931-04-06
1930Just ImagineRT-421930-11-23
1930Wild CompanyLarry Grayson1930-07-05
1930Born RecklessFrank Sheldon1930-06-06
1930Spring Is HereStacy Adams1930-04-13
1930Son of the GodsKicker1930-03-09
1930Men Without WomenEnsign Price1930-02-08
1929Happy DaysFrankie Albertson1929-09-16
1929SaluteMidshipman Albert Edward Price1929-09-01
1929Words and MusicSkeet Mulroy1929-08-18
1923The Covered WagonBit (uncredited)1923-03-15