Tanaka Kinuyo

Tanaka Kinuyo

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Kinuyo Tanaka (29 November 1909 – 21 March 1977) was a Japanese actress and director.

Tanaka was born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. She became a leading actress at an early age, appearing in Yasujirō Ozu's I Graduated, But... in 1929. The following year she played the lead in Aiyoku no ki, and in 1931 she appeared in Japan's first talkie, The Neighbor's Wife and Mine, directed by Heinosuke Gosho.

She had a close working relationship with director Kenji Mizoguchi, having parts in 15 of his films, including leading roles in The Life of Oharu (1952), Ugetsu (1953) and Sansho the Bailiff (1954). Their working relationship ended when Mizoguchi countered a recommendation from the Directors Guild of Japan for the Nikkatsu studio to hire her as a director. Despite this, the production of her second film as director went ahead, but Tanaka never forgave Mizoguchi, and the reasons for his behaviour are unclear. She also played Noboru Yasumoto's mother in Akira Kurosawa's Red Beard (1965). For her portrayal in Kei Kumai's Sandakan N° 8 she won the Best Actress Award at the 25th Berlin International Film Festival in 1975.[2] Her last screen appearance was in 1976 in Kei Kumai's Kita No Misaki.

Tanaka was the second Japanese woman who worked as a film director, after Sakane Tazuko (1904‐1975). Her first directing job was on the film Love Letter in 1953, and she made five further films in that role.

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YearTitleCharacterRelease Date
2009Kinuyo Tanaka's New DepartureHerself (archive footage)2009-10-17
1976Lullaby of the Earth1976-06-12
1976Cape of the NorthOld Nun1976-04-03
1975Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director1975-05-24
1974Sandakan No. 8Osaki as old woman1974-11-02
1972Utamaro and His Five WomenOkita1972-01-10
1966Red BeardMadame Yasumoto1966-01-19
1964The Scent of Incense1964-05-24
1963Alone on the PacificYouth's Mother1963-10-27
1963A Legend Or Was It?Shizuko Sonobe1963-08-10
1962The Fencing Master1962-09-30
1962A Wanderer's NotebookKishi, Fumiko's mother1962-09-29
1960Younger BrotherMother1960-11-01
1959The Three TreasuresPrincess Yamato1959-11-01
1959Chikamatsu's Love in OsakaMyokan1959-09-13
1958The Eternal RainbowFumi1958-10-28
1958Equinox FlowerKiyoko Hirayama1958-09-07
1958The Ballad of NarayamaOrin1958-06-01
1957On This EarthOmitsu, Heiichiro's mother1957-11-22
1957Yellow Crow1957-02-27
1956FlowingRika Yamanaka / Oharu1956-11-20
1956The Storm1956-10-24
1956How Sorrowful1956-09-07
1955Eternal BreastsNeighbor's wife1955-11-23
1955Sansho the BailiffTamaki1955-09-14
1955The Moon Has RisenThe Maid1955-01-08
1954The Woman in the RumorHatsuko Mabuchi1954-06-20
1954Onna no koyomi1954-06-08
1953Love Letter1953-12-13
1953Where Chimneys Are SeenHiroko Ogata1953-03-05
1953Sincere HeartKuniko Ariga1953-01-29
1952MotherMasako Fukuhara1952-06-12
1952The Ataka FamilyKuniko Ataka1952-05-15
1952Sisters of Nishijin1952-04-17
1952The Life of OharuOharu1952-01-01
1951The Lady of MusashinoMichiko Akiyama1951-09-14
1951Miss OyuOyû Kayukawa1951-06-22
1951Ginza CosmeticsYukiko Tsuji1951-04-14
1950The Munekata SistersSetsuko Munekata1950-08-08
1950Wedding RingNoriko Kuki1950-07-01
1949Yotsuya Ghost Story Part 2Oiwa / Osode1949-07-16
1949Yotsuya Ghost Story Part 11949-07-05
1949Flame of My LoveEiko Hirayama1949-02-13
1948A Hen in the WindTokiko Amamiya1948-09-17
1948Women of the NightFusako Owada1948-05-26
1947PhoenixSayoko Aihara1947-12-11
1947The Love of the Actress SumakoSumako Matsui1947-08-16
1947MarriageFumie Matsukawa1947-03-18
1946Victory of WomenHiroko Hosokawa1946-04-18
1945A Tale of Archery at the SanjusangendoOkinu1945-06-29
1945Victory SongWoman who sings lullaby1945-02-22
1944Miyamoto MusashiShinobu Nonomiya1944-12-29
1944The Man Who Has Returned1944-07-20
1941Ornamental HairpinEmi1941-08-26
1941Record of a Woman Doctor1941-01-01
1940征戦愛馬譜 暁に祈るChiyo1940-04-17
1939Okayo's PreparednessOkayo1939-04-01
1938The Tree of LoveKatsue Takaishi1938-09-15
1937Joi Kinuyo senseiKinuyo Yamaoka1937-04-29
1937Song of the Flower BasketYoko Mori1937-01-14
1936The New Road1936-11-30
1936Men vs. Women1936-08-29
1935Burden of LifeItsuko Kuriyama1935-12-10
1935Okoto and SasukeOkoto1935-04-01
1934My Elder BrotherSumako1934-12-13
1934Osayo koisugataOsayo1934-09-14
1933Dragnet GirlTokiko1933-04-27
1933Woman of TokyoHarue1933-02-09
1933The Dancing Girl of IzuKaoru, a dancer1933-02-01
1933The Bride Talks in Her SleepHaruko, bride1933-01-14
1932Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?Oshige1932-10-13
1932The Loyal 47 Ronin1932-03-01
1931The Neighbor's Wife and MineWife of the playwright1931-08-01
1931Seikatsu-sen ABC1931-01-02
1930I Flunked, But...Cafe's waitress1930-04-11
1930Marching On1930-03-07
1929I Graduated, But...Machiko Nomoto1929-09-06
1928The Age of Emotion1928-01-03