All of My Heart: Inn Love

All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017)

All of My Heart: Inn Love
5.8/10 by 6 users

When Jenny and Brian inherited a quaint bed and breakfast called Emily’s Inn the last thing they expected was to fall in love, especially since they are complete opposites. She’s an easygoing caterer from Connecticut with a touch for conjuring up delicious dishes while he’s a hard-driving Wall Street type with a knack for wheeling and dealing. Still, their chemistry is undeniable so they move to rural Pennsylvania to remodel their inn and eventually get married. But after a big storm proves the inn’s roof needs repair and their bills start to pile up, Brian jumps at the offer to do a few deals on Wall Street. Soon, he’s spending more time commuting on the train than with Jenny. Although romance is budding everywhere with the guests at Emily’s Inn, it’s fading fast between the inn’s proprietors.

Release Date:October 7, 2017
Genres:Romance, TV Movie
Production Company:The Hallmark Channel
Director:Terry Ingram
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:sequel, hallmark channel
  • Don't do a sequel if its just rehash
    October 14, 2017

    I love Lacey Chabert, so if I'm putting down a Hallmark movie with her in it, then it must be bad. This probably didn't deserve the stars I gave it.

    There is nothing new in this movie. It is practically the same old stuff as the first one, and much less well done. Scenes with Lacey and Brennen seemed rushed. No chemistry this time. Lara Gilchrist was either doe-eyed or tough witch. Vincent Gale was cliché. Other supporting actors tried.

    As far as story, at least they got Jenny's side business out of that tiny B&B kitchen into something a little more commercial. On the only plus side I can think of, several little side romances sprung up.

    Like my summary says: If you are going to do a sequel of a much loved movie, don't just do a rehash but give it a life of it's own.