Beach Flags

Beach Flags (2014)

Beach Flags
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Vida is a young Iranian lifeguard swimmer. Popular in her team, she is determined to fight in order to be the one to participate in an international competition in Australia. However, when Sareh, as fast and talented as her joins the team, she will have to face an unexpected situation.

Release Date:October 6, 2014
Genres:Animation, Foreign
Production Countries:Iran
Director:Sarah Saidan
Plot Keywords:woman director
  • A very opaque creation
    August 12, 2017

    There is something in this short movie. But I have no idea what it is. And the author seems to have no idea either, only some fuzzy feelings. So in Iran they are very strict about covering women. That is why they do have the moral police on the streets. Yet the hair is shown for each woman. And that helps me a lot to differentiate between them also because they drawing is so uniform, almost as manga. Is that a statement about the situation of the women in Iran, or just a way to help me differentiate between characters? Maybe it is for the Iranians too, as I can't figure out how can anyone differentiate between a group of non-individuals. Maybe a dog can sniff something. But people go mainly by the visual hints.

    There is a moment when the dummies drag the women into the deep. I had to make an effort to figure out the dummies are male. The ugly drawings made me think they were women too. Silly me! Of course no fundamentalist will allow for female breasts to show. Only male breasts. Christians do the same and they are convinced they are better than Muslims. But the story was never smooth with such surprises. And the drawings are not helping at all. Quite the opposite.

    Only in the end I found out it's about friendship. But that should not be a surprise. That should be announced. The finale should be a surprise. So the story is confused too.

    I see the writer wanted to do something with the unwanted marriages. But What is the statement? Who knows? Is it about the old generation making the new generation suffer? But the coach is the old generation and the coach is sending one of them outside the gulag. Confusing. Very confusing.

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