Beyond the Spectrum

Beyond the Spectrum (2017)

Beyond the Spectrum
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What has Nasa been hiding from us beyond the visual spectrum?

Release Date:November 26, 2017
Genres:Documentary, History, Mystery
Director:Darcy Weir
Plot Keywords:alternative
  • It can't be ice particles, so IT MUST BE AN ALIEN SPACECRAFT
    January 5, 2018

    This probably only exists because it was laughed off YouTube.

    If you can stand the 8 kbps underwater effect audio and ultra high definition 16 x 9 pixel (yes PIXELS, not ratio) video then you'll be treated to loads of irrefutable footage of black and grey squares as seen on Atari's Pong circa 1973, backed up by coma inducing interviews with charismatically challenged non-experts (with oscilloscope from a car boot sale in background) coming to zero conclusions other than 'we don't know so they must be hiding alien spacecraft'.

    NASA will be in pieces when they realise they have been rumbled by the worst excuse for a documentary in history. It is inconceivable that real humans stole 54 no-deposit-no-return minutes of my life so IT MUST BE ALIEN SPACECRAFT.

    The one star is for the camp teacher at the end who delivers the final knock-out blow of evidence to all sceptics left standing. You have been warned.