Condorito: la película

Condorito: la película (2017)

Condorito: la película
6.7/10 by 3 users

Condorito must find a way to rescue his mother in law from an ancient race of aliens which wants to enslave the universe once again.

Release Date:October 13, 2017
Genres:Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
Production Company:Pajarraco Films
Director:Alex Orrelle, Eduardo Schuldt
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , ,
Plot Keywords:chile, soccer, alien invasion
  • A Mexican Condorito? ¡Plop!
    October 29, 2017

    After seeing the trailer, I found the voices unbearable; an insult to the fans of Condorito, a Chilean characters who eats "porotos" and speak, well, Chilean Spanish in the comic strips. It's like hearing Cantinflas with a porteño (Buenos Aires) accent, or Mafalda speaking andaluz. When will filmmekars learn to be respectful of dialectal diversity in the Spanish language? Yes, there is a branch of Linguistics named Dialectology, which aught to be taught in acting and film schools in Latin America. I'm Mexican but, still, ¡exijo una explicación!