Flesh of the Void

Flesh of the Void (2017)

Flesh of the Void is an extreme experimental horror feature, visualizing what it could feel like if the act of dying was a truly horrible experience. Shot extensively on Super 8 and 16mm, it is intended as a disjointed, surreal trip through the deepest and most violent fears of the human condition, depicting its subject in a radical, grotesque and raw manner, refusing to shy away from societal taboos.

Release Date:December 31, 2017
Director:James Quinn
  • Dark and dismal with a wash of grotesque
    October 26, 2017

    Many who I say this film with were critical and did not like this piece. This is a film that is not for many, but worth it for those who can imbibe in such a genre. The scenes are vulgar and gross. The performers did horrid things. The tone is dark and dismal.

    The feeling is dark and disgusting, and I feel that was exactly what the writer wanted. I was immersed in a vague but poignant world of terrible and tragic.

    The work done on the actual film and cinematography were amazing. The love, dedication and blood spent on each frame is noticeable. The etched film and the subtle but noticeable degradation of the film was amazing.

    I was reminded of Necromantic and Der Todasking in both cinematography as well as overall content.