Hickok (2017)

5/10 by 9 users

Legendary Lawman and Gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the West, while delivering his own brand of frontier Justice and infamous gunfighter's reputation as the fastest draw in the West is put to the test

Release Date:July 7, 2017
Production Company:Status Media & Entertainment Avery Productions Vision Tree
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Timothy Woodward Jr.
Casts:, , , , ,
  • No Oscars for this Performance
    August 18, 2017

    Not only a poorly written plot, but poorly executed by all the actors to boot. Too much suggestion to little action. I'm usually a pretty forgiving guy with a pretty good imagination to cover holes in a plot but this is ridiculous beyond my imagination. I was really looking forward to this movie, little did I know I was heading for the Big Crash of disappointment! I love westerns and I'm sorry to say this should be up for "Worst Film of the Year