Knight Kris

Knight Kris (2017)

In an ancient temple, Bayu found a Keris embedded in stone. Because of his curiousity, he pulled it. Then some strange things happened! Bayu got powers to be a Mighty Warrior. Too bad that the Keris is also a seal to a ruthless giant called Asura. The giant who had been sealed for thousands of years now resurrected to spread terrors to humanity. Accompanied by Rani, his cousin and an old ape named Empu Tandra, Bayu must face Asura and the League of Shadows. Can his journey prevail?

Release Date:November 23, 2017
Genres:Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Production Company:SSS Pictures, Viva Fantasia Animation
Production Countries:Indonesia
Director:Antonius, William Fajito
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:weapon, knight, ancient culture, shrine

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