Dark Buildings (A Crack in the Wall)

Dark Buildings (A Crack in the Wall) (2018)

When the beautiful Leonor arrives at the architecture studio Borla y Asociados looking for Nelson Jara, both Mario Borla and his partner Marta Hovart and Pablo Simó, the building's oldest architect, claim to ignore that name completely. But they all lie. The truth begins to unravel through the memories of Pablo Simó. Pablo should carry out the unpleasant job of dealing with Nelson Jara, an indignant owner of the building adjoining a work of the studio, damaged by a crack in the wall of his living room caused by an error in the construction. But the fear and nervousness that provokes in the three involved the arrival of Leonor and her question "what happened to Nelson Jara?" Show something much darker and more suspicious. (FILMAFFINITY)

Original Title:Las grietas de Jara
Release Date:January 18, 2018
Genres:Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Production Company:Benteveo Producciones
Production Countries:Argentina, Spain
Director:Nicolás Gil Lavedra
Casts:, , , ,
Plot Keywords:architect, architecture, construction site, construction

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