Match Box

Match Box (2017)

Match Box
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MatchBox is a Malayalam movie starring Roshan Mathew and Vishak Nair in prominent roles. The movie is set in the suburbs of Kozhikode.

Original Title:മാച്ച് ബോക്സ്
Release Date:September 15, 2017
MPAA Rating:U
Genres:Comedy, Romance
Director:Sivaram Mony
Casts:, , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:malayalam
  • Capsule Review: Matchbox
    December 16, 2017

    Even after completing watching Matchbox, I don't know how the story and the title is related. It is obvious that director Sivaram Mony is inspired by Alphonse Putharen and his coloring but this love story of a middle-class couple is lukewarm at best. Since the plot is basic, the writers introduce random story arcs to fill the 2-hour running time. How else do you explain a song picturised on a rivalry football match? Although Roshan Mathew and Vishak Nair start off well and make you laugh a handful of times, amateur actor Drishya Raghunath comes in and spoils the show. The blame is also on Mony for not directing her well and making her character look unbaked. The try at comedy is average, but the Malayali feel that you get from the film is notable. Overall, Matchbox is like going through a montage of all the recent romantic films you have seen, except there are new actors here who try their best to perform but are letdown by a weak script that does not engage. TN.