Mondo Plympton

Mondo Plympton (2017)

A compilation of animator Bill Plympton's classic shorts, including "Your Face", "How to Kiss", "One of Those Days", "25 Ways to Quit Smoking", "Plymptoons", "Nosehair" and "How to Make Love to a Woman". In between, an animated version of Bill answers questions about his life and career.

Release Date:October 15, 2017
Director:Bill Plympton
  • Real Animation History here. Plus, it's bizarre. And fun.
    March 4, 2005

    This is a compilation of Bill Plympton animated shorts using his signature hand-drawn, color pencil technique of animation.

    1) Your Face (1987) - his first Oscar-nominated animated short; a surreal exploration of the human face.

    2) One of Those Days (1988) - about a very unlucky guy.

    3) How to Kiss (1989) - This one is really about kissing. A comic pseudo-instructional piece.

    4) 25 Ways to Quit Smoking (1989) - 25 tongue-in-cheek methods for ceasing the habit, if you survive the attempts.

    5) Plymptoons (1990) - various animated spoofs and jokes.

    6) Draw! (1993) - a western gunfight.

    7) Nosehair (1994) - a man at war with a nosehair.

    8) Eat (2001) - the restaurant blues; a 2001 Cannes Film Festival winner. Just don't lose it. Your lunch, that is.

    9) Parking (2003) - the parking lot attendant with a 'grass' problem.

    Mondo Plympton is highly recommended to animation and film history buffs or anyone else with a sense of the bizarre and an appreciation of the different.