Mower Minions

Mower Minions (2016)

Mower Minions
6.6/10 by 65 users

The Minions need to raise $20 to purchase an as seen on TV banana blender. So they take up lawn mowing at an old folks home, with hilarious antics!

Release Date:July 8, 2016
Genres:Comedy, Animation
Production Company:Illumination Entertainment
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Bruno Chauffard, Glenn McCoy
Casts:, ,
Plot Keywords:minions, animated short, needing money, short, shopping show, миньоны
  • Mildly enjoyable.
    July 13, 2016

    'MOWER MINIONS': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A 4-minute animated short film; which precedes 'THE SECRET LIVES OF PETS' (in theaters). This one is yet another tale revolving around the super-villain Gru's minions (from the 'DESPICABLE ME' franchise). In this short, they're trying to earn money for a blender, that they saw advertised on TV, by mowing the lawn for a local old people's home. They (of course) have a lot of trouble doing so. It was directed by first time filmmaker Glenn McCoy. The short is mildly amusing, and I'm sure children will enjoy it a lot more. At 4-minutes, you can't really find it too annoying either (I didn't). I've read that several older viewers have found it more entertaining than the feature it accompanies. I definitely wouldn't say that, but it is mildly enjoyable.

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