Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising

Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising (2016)

Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising
8/10 by 2 users

After dealing with 2 sororities, Mac and Kelly now have to face a Zombie Uprising.

Release Date:May 16, 2016
Genres:Horror, Comedy
Plot Keywords:killing, blood, zombie, tied up, bloody spray 
  • Well, it mostly sits there
    September 6, 2016

    The zombie apocalypse is underway. Mac(stoner Rogen) and Teddy(charming Zac) have captured one of them, and it's time to deal with him. But do they have what it takes? This was made as an advertisement for Fear the Walking Dead. I should right off the bat note, I haven't watched an episode of the show, or the one it's spun off from, nor do I intend to. Let's be honest, it's a ridiculously over-saturated market. This runs a minute and a half, and is mostly the two talking about killing the zed.

    Jokes come from their history and clashing personalities. This is far from the best material the duo have performed, but it's not the worst, either. The writing is pretty obvious. It has a distinct "thrown together in a hurry" feeling. To be fair, the production values leave little to be desired. The second film doesn't even come up, and there wasn't much room for it to in the skit's current form. Although with Kelly conspicuously missing, they probably didn't want that darn XX chromosome intruding. Hey, they barely knew what to do with them in either movie.

    There is disturbing content and brief gory violence in this. I recommend it to fans of the series. It helps that it's free of charge, and, currently, you don't even have to leave this site to check it out. 7/10