Neverknock (2017)

3.7/10 by 3 users

In 1986, three teens were brutally murdered after knocking on the door of 59 Oakwood Lane. The killer was never found. Over the next forty years, rumors turned to legend, and while few will admit to believing the stories, kids are still warned never knock on the door of 59 Oakwood Lane for fear of what may answer. On this Halloween night, Grace and her friends are going to wish they’d heeded the warnings and never knocked… for the Neverknock…

Release Date:October 15, 2017
Genres:Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction
Production Company:Dandelion Productions, Blue Ice Pictures
Production Countries:Canada
Director:Sheldon Wilson
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:monster, halloween, murder
  • Far better than expected SyFy Channel original
    October 23, 2017

    Decades after a horrific tragedy, a group of teens innocently partaking of a Halloween tradition release a ravenous creature in their small-town which begins feeding on their fears in order to kill them one-by-one and forces them to find a way to stop the creature's rampage.

    This one here wasn't all that bad of an effort. One of the more prominent aspects of this one is the fact that this one really manages to incorporate a fine small-town feel throughout here. From the beginning with the crowded streets bustling with trick-or-treaters and seeing the decorations spread out here, it sets up the close-knit community very nicely while all the fine attractions and games that grounds this one nicely for its later set-up with the creature. Coming to life in the form of the superstitious ritual where the remote house is brought into play and the actions featured manage to give this the kind of charge which comes from this early setup as the idea that the creature needs to exploit your fears is woven nicely into the film as a whole. Those scenes here are where this one really works as the startling creepy ideas of their fears get exploited while in creepy locations, as the strong scenes in the haunted house where it features the fear of the lost sister and one characters' fear of blood to great effect in the darkened corridors of the house which gives this a strong and wholly stylish start to this. The later scenes here that take advantage of this factor, from the frantic search for her sister that includes the dizzying exploits in the corn maze to the scenes in the woods and finally them coming back into town where it shows how each one tends to let their fears get the better of them as they deal with the creature attacking them following an encounter. These offer up not only some rather fun action scenes here as the creature's constant activities bring about a thrilling pace while also giving this rather creepy moments. The other bit that works well here is the exceptional creature at the center of this one, which works so well here due to the idea of making this a real-life creature rather than a CGI creation as this blends into the scenes so well and adds an extra dimension to these scenes. Coupled with the fine gore featured, these here hold this one up rather nicely over it's few minor troublesome areas. The main sore point with this one is the fact that there's just way too much time spent in the first half of the group going around on the disappearance, tending to take up a little bit more time than would be expected in the corn-maze or out wandering the woods doing nothing but running in circles which is a bit redundant. As well, the final resolution to beat the monster is a bit weak and seems like a lame cheat to finally end it all which makes no sense and gives it a rather weak conclusion. Otherwise, there's a lot to like with this one.

    Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.