s6parados (2014)

Six men. Six failed marriage. One wedding to restore their faith in second chances. This is the bittersweet saga of six men who have separated from their wives. Inspired by true stories, their parallel and overlapping tales offer six different portraits of the failure of monogamy in a society where divorce is supposedly not an option. Ironically, fate and circumstance bring them together at a church wedding, where one of them takes a second chance at marital bliss.

Release Date:August 2, 2014
Genres:Foreign, Drama
Production Countries:Philippines
Director:Guiseppe Bede Sampedro
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:philippines, pinoy
  • Separated
    January 28, 2015

    S6PARADOS (2014) opens at a wedding using great shots and full brilliant colors. It ironically establishes what is otherwise known as a happy ending in failed marriages. It is promising and well-thought of. After that, all else go downhill with great speed.

    Director GB Sampedro's ambitious enough to tackle a much ignored issue. S6EPARADOS challenges the stereotype that man is the metaphor to broken relationships. The intentions are noble, but because of its story's structure, stupid plot points, vague character motivations, predictable resolutions, and abrupt transitions the presentation of this multi- charactered film fails.

    Six men lead six different lives, each going through their own unique issue. Their lived interconnect, but each has to make a decision for his own life and future.

    Had it not been for Victor Neri , Eric Santos, and Joel Lamangan (who has a show stopping cameo scene), this film wouldn't even get a single star. Neri is at his best in his silent scenes, and manages a fairly good depiction of a husband in despair. Indeed, talent never dies. Santos is a surprise as a battered young husband and wonderfully executes a miserable man in need of a wife's trust.

    S6EPARADOS takes form in a story of a flashback within a flashback, then a flash forward, a super flash forward, and then a flashback again. I wouldn't blame you if you get lost in the process. It's a dumb structure that makes you feel dumber because you choose to sit down and finish the work. Its scenes are jam packed, obvious, and overrated, you can close your eyes and still get everything. With all the screaming and over the top melodrama, its like watching a radio drama on screen. Intriguing as it may sound, spare yourselves from watching this tragedy that severely "separates" itself from the rest of last year's Cinemalaya entries.