Selfie from Hell

Selfie from Hell (2018)

Selfie from Hell
5.2/10 by 6 users

Julia, an online vlogger from Germany, comes to the US to visit her cousin Hannah. Upon her arrival, Julia falls fatefully ill, prompting Hannah's suspicion of the strange and sudden illness. When unusual happenings start taking place in her home, Hannah begins a relentless internet search to discover the cause. She comes across Julia's vlog entries and finds herself immersed deep in the web - too deep - in a place where terror knows no end.

Release Date:January 25, 2018
Genres:Mystery, Horror
Production Company:SouthPaw Productions, IndustryWorks Studios
Production Countries:Germany, Canada
Director:Erdal Ceylan
Casts:, , , ,
  • Terrible, awful, unwatchable dross.
    February 21, 2018

    A film with a title like this can go one of two ways.

    It can be quirky and inspired, not afraid to poke fun at itself and deliver a self aware dose of horror fun.

    It could also be bottom feeder 'appeal to the kids' effluent.

    Guess which path this film took?

    The horrible latter that's what...there's nothing really wrong with any of the surface elements and especially early on in the film you could sort of see some effort put in, but this doesn't last as the ludicrous plot and motivations come to the fore.

    Nothing really wrong with the lead actress who does try and make the best of what she's been given...but all the other actors are not convincing in the slightest and only sought to worsen the already broken atmosphere.

    Plenty of really loud jump scares...none of which are in the least bit alarming.

    When this inevitably appears on Netflix I would avoid it like the plague.