Shah (2015)

7/10 by 1 users

The film is based on the journey of Pakistani Olympian boxer Hussain Shah who started his life on the streets of Lyari, Karachi as a homeless child and went on to dominate Asian boxing for nearly a decade. He became the only boxer of Pakistan history to win an Olympic medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics but was afterwards forgotten by public and media alike.

Release Date:August 13, 2015
Genres:Drama, Foreign
Production Company:Logos Films & Media
Production Countries:Pakistan
Director:Adnan Sarwar
Plot Keywords:biography, sport, boxing
  • Dignity doesn't feeds you, It's the money that does so!
    June 9, 2016

    An epic story of struggle and achievements that needed to be told to show the world a positive picture of the country. Even in reality, our media works on the same rule "There is no news like Bad News". And we have been portrayed as terrorists in front of the whole world. But this is the side, we really are. A true depicting story of the hardships and the struggles that are faced by the people of Lyari Town, Karachi. Lyari has given a lot of great names to this country. But unfortunately, we have gone so far in the lust of power and money that we don't appreciate and support talents like Syed Hussain Shah. Like the movie conveys, we give them respect only but respect doesn't feed you, it's the money that does so.

    Adnan Sarwar Bro, you truly are the man who just nailed it.