Sly Foxes

Sly Foxes (2017)

Lovro, a rocker from Pohorje, Džon to his friends, a bachelor in his late thirties, has become victim to modern business machinations: after he failed to get his papers in order in time, the land that had been his family’s property for generations came in the possession of the greedy mayor Fras. However, being short-tempered and as a hunter also a skilled shooter, Džon takes justice into his own hands. Assisted by young journalist Alja he exposes Fras and his helpers.

Original Title:Stekle lisice
Release Date:November 20, 2017
Genres:Action, Western, Comedy
Production Company:RTV Slovenija
Production Countries:Slovenia
Director:Boris Jurjaševič
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:pohorje

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