Snowed-Inn Christmas

Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017)

Snowed-Inn Christmas
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Jenna Hudson (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew Walker) are polar opposites working for the same online publication in New York City. With both having nowhere they want to be for Christmas, they volunteer for a special writing assignment. After a snowstorm forces their plane to land in none other than Santa Claus, Indiana, the two are placed in a Christmas Wonderland and the focus of their story shifts to saving the historic town inn run by Carol and Christopher Winters. As the two overcome their differences, they also rediscover the magic of Christmas. But with the inn's fate in jeopardy and the return of someone from Jenna's past, Carol and Christopher lend a helping hand to bring Jenna and Kevin together.

Release Date:December 12, 2017
Genres:Comedy, Romance, TV Movie
Production Company:Julijette
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Daniella Bonan, Blair Roth, David Franceschetti, Gary Yates
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:indiana, love, reporter, new york city, christmas, snowstorm, historic inn, christmas magic
  • good acting saves this film
    December 21, 2017

    By this time of year..a week before Christmas, one can pretty much expect to have seen every movie plot permutation possible. The formula is time-tested, it is comforting in its familiarity, and always gives the viewer a smile when the happy ending arrives. While this film meets all those criteria, it stands out because of the excellent acting involved, as well as the intelligent, snappy dialogue. Andrew Walker is a marvelous actor, with a vast store of acting talent..He has a range of facial expressions, delivers dialogue with appropriate feeling, and is extremely attractive and appealing..In all his movies, he offers a true depiction of his character..There is never anything bland or repetitious about his acting...Bethany Joy Lenz is gifted in any role she undertakes. She has an intelligent demeanor, she has a range of expressions..and to her credit, unlike other holiday movie actresses, she does not spend her time on screen giggling or frantically smiling. One feature of this type of movie that might be thought about more carefully by the writers or producers is the cliche moment when the male and female leads are a moment away from their first kiss..the heroine's ex always appears. It is predictable, it is almost a joke by now, and it really interrupts any originality of the moment..There must be a way to re-think this cliche moment because the viewer is so used to it, it is actually comical when it happens in every film.

    This is a really appealing movie..Give it a chance..You will smile , for sure.