Sugarhouse (2007)

6.3/10 by 7 users

Tom is a middle-class city boy whose life has reached breaking point. he thinks D - a young desperate drug addict can give him what he needs. But what D’s offering comes with more than just a price tag…. Tom is completely out of his depth when he finds himself in D's abandoned warehouse attempting to do a deal with him. The two enter into an irrational, deadly game of cat and mouse. The tense drama escalates when local crime lord, Hoodwink, wakes up to find his gun missing. With this impending threat at their backs, both men play an intense game of cat and mouse; scrambling to cut a deal and make sense of the very lives they may be about to lose.

Release Date:August 24, 2007
Genres:Drama, Thriller, Foreign
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Gary Love
Casts:, , ,
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    August 20, 2007

    The one thing you can say about this film was that the performances were all spot on...The cinematography was great as well. Also worth noticing that despite the mileu they didn't over-egg it with some crazy Gangsta Rap soundtrack. The screenplay could have been a bit better and sometimes you felt the same ground was being covered in dialogue. Sometimes motivation was questionable - but perhaps this was the point - these people were not exactly -stable....I believe it was adapted from a play & there were some good moments of humour - so all in all a good British film...although quite a hard film to watch & like - all the swearing & definitely not one of the Merchant Ivory school.