Talon Falls

Talon Falls (2017)

Talon Falls
6.7/10 by 3 users

Four teenagers on a road trip decide to take a detour and find them selves at at haunted house halloween scream park deep in the woods of southern Kentucky. After witnessing an assortment of torture and gore. they start wondering if what they are experiencing is not a little too realistic. Before they know it each one of hem is captured and made part of the horrific attraction they originally thought was all fun and games.

Release Date:October 13, 2017
Director:Joshua Shreve
  • Only cool factor was that I was there last week...
    November 1, 2017

    Some of the scenes were cool... but I couldn't get over the severe lack of imagination for story. EXTREMELY FLAT!! The haunt was cool, the idea was OK... but the beginning SCREAMED "House of 1000 rip off".

    I met the guy at the gas station the other night. Someone even asked "Is there something wrong with that guy?" Kept asking us if we wanted our picture with him. I'm sure he may be a nice guy, but he was annoying Sunday night.

    I rated a 3 / 10 and I was feeling generous. Much of the acting was bad... even for a low budget horror film. But the idea of the torture setup etc was pretty neat. We finished the film but we won't be adding it to our shelf.