The Price Of Fame

The Price Of Fame (2017)

Ted DiBiase Jr. takes a journey through pro-wrestlings past to tell the faith-based story of his father's rise, fall and redemption.

Release Date:November 7, 2017
Genres:History, Documentary
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  • Everyone Has A Price, Indeed
    December 29, 2017

    Growing up, professional wrestlers were my heroes. Not in the moral sense (thank goodness!), but in the way that all children have larger-than-life figures they are awed by. As such, I am always sucked into documentaries about any figure of the "old WWF gang". This one ranks near the top of that list.

    For a basic plot summary, "The Price of Fame" is a documentary about the life (in the ring and out of it) of former professional wrestler Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase, ostensibly narrated or guided by his son Teddy (also a current WWE star). This pretty much tells the story of all the key points of Ted Sr.'s life, including his childhood (how close he was to his own father), his time in "the business" (and the infidelities it brung about), and the "later years" of turning to Christianity and trying to be the best father and husband he could be.

    I usually have a nose for when these documentaries seem "fake" or totally produced for publicity, but this one does not seem that way at all, as it is so sincere. At times, there were tears rolling down my cheeks. Even though I've obviously never met Mr. DiBiase in person or know anything about him, his persona had such an effect on my childhood (he truly was one of the greats) that there is an easy "in" for me in hearing his story.

    As a child, I marveled at these WWF figures for their feats of strength or personalities. Now, I'm much more interested in what they were/are like as human beings and how their stories have played out over the years. The story of Ted DiBiase is a gripping one, to say the least, and it is made even more emotional by the fact that his son is the one presiding over it all. Including snippets and/or interviews from other WWF stars (Shawn Michaels, Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, George "The Animal" Steele, among others) was a very nice touch as well.

    The Christianity angle is pushed pretty hard in this documentary, but I honestly do not think it will have much of an effect on potential viewership. It is just part and parcel of DiBiase's story, and if you are interested enough to watch it at all, this won't dissuade you from finishing the experience.

    Overall, "The Price of Fame" is an excellent documentary for any professional wrestling fans, but especially those who remember the heyday of "The Million Dollar Man". As I said, I watched portions of the proceedings through welled-up tears, as it was so emotional seeing one of my childhood icons open up and express such deep emotions (that aren't put-on) in front of the camera.