The Sign

The Sign (2017)

The Sign explores intersections of science and religion to uncover the truth behind prophecies of the apocalypse.

Release Date:September 23, 2017
Genres:TV Movie
Director:Josh Turnbow
  • Remember the "Y2K" & 'The Mayan Calendar'
    September 18, 2017

    I watched the "Documentary" on Sunday Morning, 9-17-17. The Color Photography and the impressive collection of "Talking Heads", cured me of ever taking conspiracy theories & religious dogma very seriously. If this "Documentary" ever is released on DVD; BUY it and store it with all the other comedy DVDs.

    Let's See. The "Y2K" theories went on for years; causing unnecessary & Unfounded fear, under the guise of "The world & Civilization" as we knew it was going to end! Guess what? I woke up with a hangover and watched the "Rose Parade" Common Sense: 1 -- Theorists: 0.

    NEXT: The Mayan Calendar Fiasco -- All the dire hand-wringing Plus the usual fear-mongering, caused by the producers of these TV Programs, NEVER happened. Common Sense: 2 -- Theorists: 0

    NOW, "The Sign" --There are so many 'holes' in this presentation, that listing them would a waste of ink & my 'Finite' time left on this planet. Come Sunday Morning; Let's ALL meet at Denny's for Breakfast.

    If this what you believe and it gets you through the day & night; GREAT!

    Just STOP messing the Sunday Sports Schedule.