The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier (2017)

The Unknown Soldier
8.8/10 by 6 users

The film follows Finnish army machine gun company in Continuation War against Soviet Union, 1941–1944. Based on Väinö Linna's best selling novel Tuntematon Sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) and the novel's uncensored version, Sotaromaani (A War Novel).

Original Title:Tuntematon sotilas
Release Date:October 27, 2017
MPAA Rating:K-16
Genres:Drama, War
Production Company:Scope Pictures, Elokuvaosakeyhtiö Suomi 2017, Kvikmyndafélag Íslands
Production Countries:Iceland, Finland, Belgium
Director:Aku Louhimies, Iiris Juutilainen, Akseli Kouki, Timo Lahtinen, Eemeli Louhimies, Joona Mielonen, Aino Niemi, Tuula Nikkola
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:based on novel, world war ii, continuation war
  • Living in past glory with 4 movie adoption of same novel
    November 19, 2017

    This movie is a perfect example of local failing movie industry, and how one novel has been adopted for times like a broken recorder from same country in same language.

    But it is alright to live in past glory to feed the pride (or whatever is remaining). The situation in present setting would be somehow different.

    2/10 rating with a hint of generosity.