Vadder, Kutter, Sohn

Vadder, Kutter, Sohn (2017)

Vadder, Kutter, Sohn
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Lenny Lühr finally returns to the fishery port town Dithmarsch, he left ten years ago to try his luck as barber in Hamburg without keeping in touch, which uncle Addi Bäsecke refuses to forgive. Lenny stays in his old room with father Knud, a nearly penniless, shameless opportunist who supplements meager crab harvest as illegal bookie and with scams. Knud's only serious priority is leading the local pub-based shanty-choir, which he hopes to get the centennial honorary title, but the official observer is all but impressed, so he calls Addi's bluff to leave if a female is allowed, notably Knud's lover, publican Nadja Evers. Suddenly cute but gloomy Lenny, who found some consolation in his popularity with the town rare eligible single foxes, expecting to recuperate and sell his collectors item banjo only to find his father sold it for piitance, admits being in an even deeper financial mess, and Knud tries to fix things.

Release Date:October 6, 2017
Genres:TV Movie, Comedy
Production Company:ARD Degeto Film, Krebs & Krappen
Production Countries:Germany
Director:Lars Jessen
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , ,

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