Vampiyaz (2004)

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Release Date:May 10, 2004
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:John Bacchus
Casts:, , , , , , , , , ,
  • Not so bad
    October 28, 2004

    This movie at first seems to be a real stinker. However you have to look at things from another perspective. Consider that all these characters are street people. They are used to certain situations and nothing else. Granted there were somethings that were confusing. Take the guy in the bunny suit. There really needed to be something to explain why he was, and who he was. Also why was the girl walking around on that dirt road? That aside, there were some very good ideas in the film. Such as the Vampire Master becoming a much more cerebral being. Hey you spend 8 years and not able to sleep and you would read a lot too. The hero who just cant seem to catch a break. The "Ghetto Fabulous" Renfield was a scream. I thought the Vampire Assault Team could have used some polish. They seemed disconnected, almost as if they were thrown together and had never done the job before. And for some reason the Team Leader seemed to be immolating Rosie Perez. But if you don't take them seriously, you don't really care. The movie is not about them, Vampiyaz is about a failed thief and a vampire he wants revenge on. The story was tied together nicely and it seemed to try to go for action but fell just short of the mark. The fights were thought out but not well acted.

    All in all it was not a BAD movie. It just needs some work in some areas. This was a low budget movie that did the best it could with what was available, or so it seems.