Whale Island's Thing Left Behind

Whale Island's Thing Left Behind (2018)

Aimi (Ito Ono) lost her mother due to the Kyoto earthquake in 1995. She remembered watching whales with her mother and moved to Okinawa to see whale's jumping out of the water again. Aimi has now lost hope for life. During this time, she meets a young Vietnamese man, Khoa Nguyen (Win Morisaki), who came to Okinawa to receive training at an IT company. Aimi is moved by his nostalgia for his hometown and his passion for work. She faces her life again and develops feeling for him.

Original Title:クジラの島の忘れもの
Release Date:May 12, 2018
Genres:Drama, Romance
Production Company:Omuro Pictures
Production Countries:Japan, Vietnam
Director:Yuji Makino

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