Wonderbroeders (2014)

6.1/10 by 5 users

The story of a group of monks trying to survive in the hectic, materialistic modern world. If the city wants to annex their monastery, which leads to tension between the men. Then the miracle happens: blood flows from the image of Jesus! The monastery is in the spotlight, but whether the men are there with it ... so happy now

Release Date:October 2, 2014
Genres:Foreign, Comedy
Director:Johan Timmers
Casts:, , , ,
  • Disappointing
    October 4, 2014

    Having seen 'De Marathon' last year, I was curious about 'Wonderbroeders', a movie created by the same people. For me 'De Marathon' was one of the best dutch movies in recent years, so my expectations were high. After watching 'Wonderbroeders', I can only conclude that something must have gone terribly wrong during the filming process; no humor, a script which I myself could have written on a rainy afternoon and movie characters that were as dimensional as my computer screen is. After 15 minutes I looked on my watch and realized that there were 75 minutes to go. A real challenge... The only positive thing the crew will remember, is their vacation in South Africa. I must admit, it was rather smart to put in that storyline (although it was Zimbabwe, but hey, that's not as much a tourist friendly spot as South Africa is). A really disappointing movie from people I am convinced they are capable in doing much better than producing this crap.